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About COSMOS organic standards

The COSMOS organic standard will start to be initiated by the Soil Association in the UK from September 2009. There is a five year transition period during which Soil Association licensees can reformulate their products to meet COSMOS standards. All relevant UK Soil Association products must also be COSMOS-standard by December 2014.

Some of the main features of the new COSMOS-standard are:
- the minimum standard for organic content of the whole product is 20% (not including water) with exceptions for water based products
- there will be a new calculation of extracts
- a positive list of ingredients of mineral origin
- chemically processed agro-ingredients must follow green chemistry principles and can only be produced using approved chemical reactions
- phenoxyethanol is not permitted (although this is under review)
- organic ingredients must be used if they are available

The COSMOS-standard has been created by an alliance of 5 of Europe's leading organic certifiers

The Soil Association - UK
BDIH  - Germany
Cosmebio - France
Ecocert - France
ICEA - Italy

Please note COSMOS ORGANIC is a registered trademark of the COSMOS-standard AISBL. This website is privately owned and has no direct association with the COSMOS Organic standard.

Choosing Skincare Products

Many so called organic products have no certification or are certified by organisations with much lower standards

One UK source of Soil Association organic beauty products is

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